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I would dearly love to see the following statistics:

1) What percentage of banks and mortgage writing institutions are under the provisions of the CRA.
2) How did that percentage change from 1997 to 2007?
3) What percentage of mortgages that were folded into collateralized shit sandwiches were CRA eligible mortgages?
4) What slice of the mortgage pie was made up of CRA eligible mortgages? How did that change from 1997 to 2007?
5) What's the historical default percentage on CRA mortgages? How has this changed?
6) Of the percentage of mortgages in default, is the percentage of them that are CRA mandated larger than or smaller than the comparative percentage of CRA mandated mortgages as a function of the whole pie?

I happen to know a chunk of these numbers. I know that the narrative of "The CRA caused all this!" doesn't actually match the numbers on this set that I do know.

However, I think it'll be illustrative to see someone else put together answers to those questions, particularly someone who wants to 'prove' the "CRA is at fault" narrative rather than repeat a talking point that happens to fit their "See, we told you that fucking with the markets would have bad consequences" prejudices.