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I was probably Turkey's age when I had my first geek moment -- my parents had a book of pictures taken in space, and I very clearly remember a photo of the sun, with a solar flare off to one side. The page talked about how big the flare (and the sun) were in relative proportion to the earth -- "this flare is as tall as 300 earths lined up end-to-end" or something -- and it just completely blew my mind. I remember going back to that book over and over, always to look at that picture of the sun.

Sadly, I can't seem to find that exact photo online anywhere, but this one's close:

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Sorry, but this guy is out of his mind. Windows is "outdated" and has "a costly and uncertain path forward"? Name one operating system that doesn't!

I think one reason you don't see OSX in the corporate world is because there's a real cost, both in time and money, to train new hires on their jobs. They've got enough to do to learn the business processes of their departments and the quirks of the institution for which they now work, and asking them to learn their new job skills while also learning a (presumably) unfamiliar OS, no matter how friendly it may be, is like handing them a boat anchor and asking them to swim.

Keep in mind that corporate IT departments are about as flexible as a geriatric in a body cast. Before Macs ran on Intel chips, there were countless compatibility issues with critical enterprise software, and document compatibility problems still persist to this day (mostly due to training issues. Imagine that!). Most places -- certainly, the ones I've worked -- have invested tens of thousands of dollars into site licenses for critical applications, including operating systems. We should just throw that money away, and switch to the OS du jour?

There are a lot of practical implications of OS choice that this guy just glossed over on his way to his Happy Place where everyone's abandoned Microsoft and wears black turtlenecks.

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I'm willing to chalk up Rosh's poor performance to them having to the drummer and the guitarist having to fight muscle memory the whole time. I bet they'd do a lot better on a song they didn't record, but that's not nearly as much fun to watch.

Ryan, why didn't you include the stage kit in your post? :-)