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Good article, I would take issue with that last point, however, that the rest of the world fears America. America, declined as it has is still the a beacon of hope for many in oppressed areas, as evident by the constant influx of those people into our country, both legally and illegally.

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Good article, and explaination of how the Founders viewed the concept of natural law.

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Very good article and a fresh perspective on the current crisis in the Gulf. I may not fully agree with the authors assertion in all cases, yet in this incident I believe the author to be right on. Government intervention often fosters a dependence on government which leads further erosion of liberties and self reliance that has made this country great. I allow that the argument could be made that permitting government intervention in murky areas tend to lead to further blurring of the lines drawn by the Constitution and therefor should be avoided; with this I cannot disagree. To guaranty that liberty is not infringed upon by the Federal government, a strict adherence to Constitutional principles must be maintained.

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Thanks for reading it I hope you enjoy reading the others as well, but most of all, I hope that you gain some useful knowledge from reading them.

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Teeth indeed! I look forward to working with you Michael, let me know when you're plannin tobe in Jeff, and perhaps we can make it a joint effort.