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ou've got that straight, Chris. I am a big proponent of CCW and Second Amendment rights. But, even I think that both sides are blowing this way out of wack. The BoS has absolutely zero influence over the sheriff's authority to issue CCWs in the county. If they want to do some real good, they should get a bill introduced that would change this state or just the county to a "shall issue" locale. But, above all, they need to get their priorities straight and deal with the real problems in this county.

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That must be because working overtime for a staff meeting must fall within the guidelines of the new OT policies. Or, they could go back to what they now do for training by adjusting your work schedule to avoid OT.

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According to whose statistics? The Young Democrats? Well, of course they think that. What really put Obama over the top is not the young dems, it was the old guard republicans and libertarians like myself who voted for Obama because they can't trust their own party any more.