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Anyone raised the question how corporations calculate these fees and charges? Does it not make anyone wonder how the world would survive if all executives salaries had always been capped?

The reason these things incur such charges is that no-one would get away with charging their time at these rates. So, they hide their dirty, money-grabbing actions by falsly inflating the prices on such items that consumers are not always aware of full facts when purchasing. i.e. mobile phones, loans, etc etc etc

It is only CEO's, upper management and dirty rotten scoundrels that ever see the proceeds of such billing incidents, and I remind everyone of that in their misguided conceptions of right and wrong, and entitled and non-entitled billing.

I say that there is an economic revolution to come from the recent events on the worldwide marketplace, and sentiments rendered in this thread certainly elude to the civil unrest swelling.

Go Get Em ! Corporate responsibility is one of the last bastions of unchecked moral ethics, and it is time that some bodies stood up and took both responsibility, accountability, and resolve !