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So far, the movies have not watered down anything. They have stuck to the book very closely. For your hoping of Rated R content, and Summit sticking to the book, then it will fade to black, because thats how it was written. And she had a purpose, she knew that teens would be reading it, also, she's Mormon, and frankly isnt allowing herself to go that far.

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Stephanie wrote the books for a more teen based audience, which is why in books stores, all four books are in the section with other teenage books. She had a reason for the fading black effect, she knew that smaller children would be reading it! Also, she's Mormon, and that is completely out of her reaching. Going that far would be too much. If youre looking for that type of stuff, try the adult section. I'm not trying to be rude but thats how it is.

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lmao, i agree with you there. Also, she may be able to get in with her parents permission, but others may not.

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I think its the angle. Sure they probably photoshopped a bit but honestly, its an ood angle so his nose looks a little different. He looks hot in every movie!

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Yes! So excited theyre on the soundtrack! It wouldn't be the same with out Muse:)

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I highly doubt Breaking Dawn will be Rated R. Summit is way too smart to block out their biggest money maker fans(teens) by making the movie unavailable for them to see when it first comes out. Also, the "sex scenes" everyone is talking about aren't really there; they are merely implied. Leaving the rest of the scene up to viewers. It would be great if they released a directors cut on the dvd, full of the scenes that couldn't make it in PG 13 rating. I'm hoping for that, but they wouldn't change it for the theatrical version.

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I really love the Cullen picture, but where's Emmet? I personally like Jasper's hair, it seems more...Jasper.
The Bella/Jacob pic is great! I can't wait to see that scene in the movie.
And the one with all three, well, its amazing! Of course. I don't like Kristen's wig, but for the look of Bella and her aging and all that, I think it completes the look.

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Goossshhhhh! I cant freakin wait for this!!!!
I LOVE the show, and im so excited to see how it plays out on the big screen.
And the movie is called The Last Airbender.

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Peter's gorgeous!
Of course I love him in Twilight and all that, but I LOVE him in Nurse Jackie!
Its freakin hilarious!

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He looked great!
Did you see his arms? Those incredible muscles of his were practically busting out of his suit! But I loved it<3