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Man, stasis is rough! I hope she gets her memories and eyesight back soon.

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Oh, it will be if the lines are not memorized. They probably will be, but I can't resist flying off the handle too early. ^_^

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*adopts snooty British accent* I declare war on you, good madam! I see where your true colors lie now! A CAT lover!

I shall respond in an appropriately monospeciest fashion. ;)

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Lemme guess -- blonds were dumb, brunettes smart but bitchy, and red-heads were either feisty or level-headed? :D

I also wanted to emulate Scully, because I am more like Mulder. I still do. I'm actually probably going to focus on forensics when I get my Anthropology degree because of her (and the show in general, but really -- I want to be a smart, cool, calm, level-headed FBI agent who does autopsies and solves mysteries and such. With red hair...).

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I like your reasoning for choosing a Mulder-themed banner. I'd not really consciously noticed it myself (aside from going "OMGSQUEE MULDER *faved*"), but your explanation is well-reasoned and well-thought out and I enjoyed reading it. :)

I've always loved X-Files -- for many different reasons, but one of the biggies was how the show played around with typical Western gender roles and stereotypes. Men: logical, rational, less prone to displays of emotion, scientific, reasoning creatures. Women: flighty, emotional, prone to belief in 'weird stuff', use intuition instead of reason. Those roles are completely reversed with Mulder and Scully -- which may be why so many girls are instinctively attracted to and wanting to be Mulder (aside from David Duchovny being very yummy ;)). Because he shows those "feminine" characteristics.

Rambling. Those are my thoughts, anyway.

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I know (and know of) a lot of people who didn't vote FOR Obama so much as AGAINST Palin.