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Nice try... but no. :)

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I'm believing for a miracle for you guys too! Praise God!!

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Oh - should add - I can't speak for your pastor and what-all happened. Wasn't there. Based on your description of events, I wouldn't have called you on it (especially openly?)... but she may not have realized what was going on.

But I will say this ... There's an element of truth to what she said... if we can't still ourselves and be free in worship here how's that going to work out for us in heaven? But at the same time, hunger, thirst, and crying needy toddlers who need to eat won't be factor there :)

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Hi, and welcome!

I don't think anyone thinks that "God shows up" this way... but what I've noticed is that when opportunity is given for people to truly press in, to not have to "pay attention and perform" in the music, people are able to have profound encounters with the Lord that they won't hold still long enough to have otherwise. Our pastors are married, raised several children, and now have young grandchildren who attend services there...

By all means, if a child is hungry, feed the child! (our services go for about 4 hours, sometimes longer, and parents who don't send their kids to children's church (where they eat) will bring snacks and drinks for them...ditto for diabetics and people who must eat on a schedule... eating and drinking is allowed and even encouraged in our sanctuary.

Just a counterpoint :)

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Yeah, we've been in services like that too... where it drags, and drags... because Holy Spirit's not moving. One of the things I LOVE about our church is that if He's not.. we're not. Pastors have stopped the music, literally, to inquire of Him "What's up?"

Football (and around these parts, the race) definitely get a higher priority in some folks' lives than church.

I don't want to swing too far in this direction, though, and say that everyone has to be in church for hours and hours every time the doors open (even when the janitor comes... LOL)... I think that corporate gathering should be lifestyle, and that should even hold true, for example, while we're traveling or what-not (and if you're sick, go to church and get healed!)... BUT... don't be all religious about it. If it becomes a requirement, it's not good. Go hang out on the beach for a day.

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Just glanced at this in the comments list on the back end of the site and saw, "All my goodness into baldness"... ROFL... poor Dave has lost his hair...

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Not trash. Just silly. :)

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There was a time I'd have agreed with you, Dave - not any more.