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I practically died of cute when I saw this!!

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Dayum. She lookin' fiiiine.

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Gavin!! Quite possibly my favorite Flickr genderplayer :)
Anyone reading this should definitely definitely check out the rest of Karen's beautiful photos of Gavin. Ze is super inspiring & gorgeous.

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That's what I thought too when I saw this - but then I started thinking about how interesting it is that what was perceived as masculine back then, could read as as gender-variant to us now, & how gender norms change over time. It makes me wonder what the epitomes of masculinity & femininity will look like in another couple hundred years, or if they'll even exist at all.

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My school usually has a "Dress Like Someone Else Day" during Spirit Week, which often leads to gender-bending. All schools should have events like this - they're so much fun!

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Wow. It's interesting that Dita, one of the finest specimens of pure oozing feminity (IMHO), can pull off the gentlemanly look so well.

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It popped into my head & I was like, I don't even care how embarrassing & silly that is, I HAVE to say it.

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Yay! Xelia! I love her!
She's usually pretty femme, but it should be noted that some of her girlfriends have been thoroughly androgylicious.

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Maybe you need to immerse yourself in the fashion of other males who play with gender. I highly recommend Jasper's blog - http://jasperswardrobe.wordpress.com

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I agree with you that society's homophobia towards males specifically is still far more horrifying than it is towards females.
In my personal experience, I've known about fifteen bisexual females & only one bisexual male, which leads me to question whether women do have an inborn sexual fluidity, or whether it's just societal male-directed homophobia. Maybe it's both.
I really hope the scientific community conducts more studies on this subject in the future.