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This was such a gorgeous post, Anissa, and your children are beautiful, just beautiful.

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You just calls 'em as you sees 'em, hon.

You've got major balls.... and now I know I love you.

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OMG, you crack me up... glad I made the Asian cut, glasses surely helped (and seriously, you guys MUST be wearing contacts, right? ). What a great shot of us!

You have a very, very valid point. Mind you I did grow up with piano lessons, gymnastics, figure-skating, Chinese school, and workbooks coming out of my ears...but then I was a 70s kid, so I guess I can forgive the folks. My Dad worked in a brewery, so that made up for a lot.

My sister found an Asian baby doll for the girlie... except, it's not quite right. After all, girlie's half-Asian (or half-Aj, however the heck you pronounce that, I learned that term in Vancouver a couple of years ago)... and looks totally like her Dad. Oy.

LOVED meeting you at BlogHer and will definitely stalk you now :).