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Me: Dude its right there, just a little to the left.
Friend: Here? *misses the jump for the fifth time*
Me: You know what... screw it. *finds repel gel and bounces for 20 minutes*

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This is why I use Android. That phone might shove deadly neurotoxins into my head while I use it.

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Why would you play multiplayer in League of Legends? It's all about you winning.

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That zombie is great at playing Mime.
That wall just seems so solid. Like a small cheap plastic floaty was in the way.

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I can't wait for this game, I've read so many reviews that it's nothing like the one before.
I mean seriously. You don't have to do anything except put the holodisk into the playstation 7.

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Add my fat ass. BlindEye The Mag.
I play a mean Singed. "Mix mix swirl mix."

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Team Rocket does not solely comprise of Jessie and James, they just happen to be the most retarded duo to follow.
The only real team though, since the rest are all just knockoffs of the originals.

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Trap Snivy is so far the most female trap I've ever seen.
Hell, I'd tap that.

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All I wanna say is "They Don't Care About Us." Whether we be "Black or White." 'cause in the end "Dirty Diana" is "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'."
It's better to just be a "Smooth Criminal" and "Beat It" while just being "Bad," 'cause that's "The Way You Make Me Feel."
Anyways, let's just dance to "Thriller" while lookin' at that "P.Y.T."