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I've had a land-line my whole life, and the same number since 1984. I just disconnected about a month ago after all of that time. The only calls I'll miss are from the bill collectors. We'll see how it works out.

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You can add 5 horsepower for every STP sticker you add to your car. 10 horsepower for a Hooker Headers logo.


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The microwave oven didn't come from the space program. It came from the development of radar. Back in the 40's, a Raytheon technician who had a habit of carrying chocolate bars in his pockets noticed that every time he worked around the (unshielded!!) radar emitting equipment noticed that he would end up with a bunch of chocolate goo in his pocket. It was discovered that radar cooked food. This is why the first commercially available microwave ovens were called "Amana Radar Ranges", Amana being a consumer division of Raytheon.

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Whenever I see Contact, I keep thinking that Stephen Hawking would do very well living on the Space Station.