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I have been to this place 2 times now in the past 2 weeks. Once the first night just for drinks with some friends. Next time me and my wife sat to eat. I think Anthony is right when he says its just a week or so old so give it a try in a month or so if you didnt have a good experiance.

Also its hard if your coming here just to read these reviews to see if you want to try it. A lot of times other resturants will post comments on other places and most of them will go somthing like "this place sucks". So take anything you read like that with a grain of salt.

On to the show. We had been in the old corbin and reynolds and i must say they put in a lot of money into this place. It looks great colors are well done and it has ambiance to it. Kind of reminded me of the romans (i dont know why ). I think we got greated by the manager a giant of a man but a very nice personality. We had a drink at the bar and were seated in about 15 minutes. The server had a good personality but maybe could have known a bit more about the menu. Me and my wife shared an app of the calamari ( golamod to you italians ) wife thought it was great because it didnt seem to be fried , i think it was called chillian or somthing im more of an old school calamari fan and like it fried up with some sauce. Anyway it was tasty and tender. For dinner she had the chicken which was cooked very well but she said it was a bit blande, which she told to the waitress and she said would pass it on to the managment. I had the chillian sea bass which was a pleasure on my palate , cooked to perfection and im somone who has cooked a many of um. Taste was one of the best ive had only losing to the one that i ate in the restaurant Lamani in greatneck.
For desert we shared the forestgump ( great name?) which mad me sure i would be in the gym the next morning.
All in all everything was very good. We will be back in a month or so to see if they come up with some specials once the menu gets set. I hope it stays around we need some good food in long beach so i dont have to travel!

Also im no word smith or writer so excuse the puncuations.