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For all my parents misgivings I was never smacked (which I agree, yours sounds like abuse) but I was "popped" in the mouth when I wa 3(?) for biting the cat tail which was the one and only time my parents did that. Honestly I should have been popped. I was told numerous times not to according to my Dad since I don't remember. I remember my Dad and Mom both saying that hitting your kids never solves anything and just creates more problems. You sound like such a good mom to your boys.

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Oh poor Eliza. This is hilarious and only because I don't have to deal with it. I've been avoiding my in-laws as of late.

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Happy Anniversary! You're dress is gorgeous

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In all seriousness I am very excited about this and wish you nothing but the best. I was wondering why your blog was so quiet lately. I cannot wait to see what you come up with. A little Vegan Martha Stewart *tears*

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Thank you so much for your comment. Out of the bunch I had to pick from I think it's the prettiest too. :)

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I would probably buy a lot more full size benefit products if they weren't so small and expensive :/

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LOL I'm the same way! it's pretty comical to people who catch me taking pics.

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Agree! I love it here. Although I think where you are from it's gorgeous!

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Now this is a box I can get behind! These are pretty much all the products I want to try out, though not necessarily the same brand name.

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Gorgeous color! You pretty much described what I'm like when I go out.