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i am looking for a church and have been for a little over a year. i'm not sure what constitutes "actively" looking for a church, but i visit churches at least monthly. truth is, i don't miss church. i was raised in church and served as a church leader for 18years. my entire family was in the ministry, some still are.
church is awkward and it really doesn't make much sense to me. i'm not so sure that the church is even healthy place for me to be. the only reason i even go is because i would like to serve the community along side a church family, but that's so rare. i do believe that a decent fit exists for me, i just haven't found it yet. it's what i blog about and study in my spare time... the church.

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Discipline, the strength of a resolution. Conviction, Desire, Discipline... most times discipline is the most difficult. but i'm glad your word is discipline, because it means we get to hear more from you.
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think it's a great idea, just too pricey for my budget. thanks for the info;)
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love that... Forgiveness is free, Trust is earned.
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ha! still woke up sleepy, but i didn't drag all day. woot! ;)

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i can go to bed.... right now. and break the cycle of staying up too late and dragging the next day. sleep in the night serves a great purpose and i have been neglecting it by delay delay delay for no good reason at all.
thank you for the reminder;)

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"She represented an escape from that and I compromised everything to try and get it. That's how easy it is." whoah... i'm gonna need a few days to let that settle in. great point, often overlooked.
looking forward to reading more as this series progresses:)

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"i'm into points a lot but it's not your average points"-- wow... i'm considering a career change. makes me wonder if what i do is significant enough... i mean, why am i not teaching hiphop? missing out on destiny right there, lol;)
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thanks for sharing this experience with all of us Grant.
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oh man! the preparing you one is wild! or the ones that say "i didn't date for a year, took some time off for just me & my Jesus and then God brought me so & so." Oh my dang, that cracks me up. wow! a whole year! ;)
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