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Jennie, I just got a minute to check through the blog and do a little catching up. I took the last of the cake to work with me today and everyone loved it there as well. To answer your question about removing the cake, I used my long frosting knife to get the bottom of the pan off. It was pretty easy. My sister said we should us a piece of thread. That is what we use to cut our cinnamon rolls. I will try it the next time and see how it works. The recipe for the Pecan Pie Muffin is very simple.
1 cp packed light brown sugar
1/2 cp whole wheat flour.( My husband likes white flour better)
1 cp chopped pecans
2/3 stick butter, melted
2 eggs, beaten
Combine sugar, flour, and pecans in a bowl and set aside.
Combine butter and eggs, mix well and stir into the dry mixture.
Fill muffin papers 2/3 full. Should make about 12.
Bake at 350 for 20 mins. or until toothpick comes out clean.
Remove and cool on a rack.
They are great for a little something with your coffee in the morning!
Hope you get to enjoy at least a bite or 2 of these.

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Congratulations on being able to control your Diabetes without the use of medication. My Mom fought that battle for many years. Dessert is the hardest to do without. What will power you have to just have one small bite and being satisfied with it. I don't know if I could do it. Can you have brown sugar? I have a great recipe for Pecan Pie Muffin that uses brown sugar and wheat flour. Recipe only makes 12, but that is usually more than enough for us. Let me know and I will pass it along to you.

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Jennie, I tried your Vanilla Wafer Cake this weekend and it was a total hit! Thanks for the recipe. I am sure it will be added to the family favorites for years to come.

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Jennie, Just went back and got your recipe for Vanilla Wafer Cake. Sounds Lucious! I think I will make it for Sunday's Desert. I let you know how everyone likes it.

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Johnny D, Thanks so much for the new blog! We were all SO ready for it! I can only imagine how much fun you had creating the front entry to the home. It is Fabulous, as is everything else we have seen! I can't wait to see more. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for all the hard work!

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Patty, Our RV is a 35" Fun Mover. A big part of the space is the Garage on the back. When we bought it in 2004, we had motorcycles, so it was great. Now we use the back as extra storage and it is a great place for the freezer. Out next upgrade is a washer/dryer.

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LilB and Nansue, You would be surprised just where you can live when you have no choice. You just have to have determination and faith that you are where you are meant to be. We hope to have our next home (log cabin) in Chama, NM. We have the land. Now we are just saving every extra dime we have in hopes to have our cabin there within the next 5 years. This time we are doing most of the work ourselves. No more 30 year mortgages!
Thanks for your comments. They were a real pick me up!

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LilB, I'm with you! My husband and I live in our RV. Everything has a place and as long as you put everything back after its use, it is as comfortable as our home was. With the economy the way it is we were forced to downsize in 2007. I didn't think I could do it, but we are so much happier now than we ever were in our 2700 sq.ft home. Life is so much easier.

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Just looked at the CC. The front yard is just pheonominal! I so glad they added some grass. I live in Southern NM and so many of the yards here are totally hardscaped. I really miss having grass.

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