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You must be a very unhappy lady. If you're not a fan, this is probably not the message board for you.

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Melissa.... I forgot ot mention above. Be sure to take your girls to Moss Bay in downtown Kirkland to feed the ducks in the park. My girls loved that when they were small. They have a coupl great restaurants down there, too!

It's Sunday and I'm waiting for your second show to come on. I wish you were on more than once a week. Maybe soon, eh? :)

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Well, I'm a homemaker and I agree with Susie! It's one of the hardest jobs in the world. I liked Jeffery and wouldn't be sad if he got a show, too, but Melissa was the only contestant that I knew I would stop whatever I was doing to watch her cook. Let's face it, homemakers are the majority of the FN viewers. I loved Melissa's first show and look forward to many many more.

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God makes things possible... not easy.

We'll be here when you return.

Judi and Dean
Federal Way, WA