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We, in the west need to stand up for our beliefs. Listen up Americans, Let this Texan tell you how it goes. If you are living here, or visiting here, follow our laws. We aren't muslim, and we don't wear restrictive burqas. We believe in freedom of choice, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.
Unlike our popular california culture says, we do believe in modesty, but at the same time, we don't cover ourselves from head to toe.

As for the weightlifting thing, it's just stupid, because if you can't tell if a limb is locked, then how are you going to tell if people are cheating or not?

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Multi-culturalism. Right right. I would think that Canadians would want to be canadians, and follow canadian laws.

By the way, you aren't banning religion from schools when you allow muslims to pray in school, when you don't allow anyone else to pray.

Then again, you are liberal hacks and deserve the crap that happens to you.

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Hello England. Muslim courts stand in direct contradiction to the Magna Carta and sets the path for people not following your laws.
Do you want to be England or Londinastan?

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Um...He's not an american citizen, he doesn't have american rights. He should be tried according to international law, or the law of the countries he's working in.
By giving a non-citizen citizen's rights, you've set a bad precedent, and you'll bog down the courts in lengthy money costing suits that are stupid.
He is an enemy combatant, he should be tried by a military tribunal, and if found guilty, shot in the back of the head.

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They are just getting in on the action created by isk sellers and people who sell virtual ships for 100 bucks.

So, can you really blame them. Heck, just ignore the paperdolls and don't buy the darned monocles.

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Israel just needs to go ahead and invade Palestine and then start educating the idiots on what freedom is.

for 40 years the plo has told their people that the only way to get to heaven is to kill jews.

IT's time for that to end.

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Typical leftist response to a devastating incident. I'm ashamed to say that's it not much better here in the US, as we still blame women for the rape, and make it sound like it's their fault.

We need to support our women and treat them like they deserve to be treated. Rapists should be hung from the highest tree and made a warning out of.

I'm still doubtful that the peace corp actually has any redeeming value, since t he people are sent to third world countries, and then never learn anything new.

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You can't let fear of failure be the reason not to get married. If you really love the woman you love, you'll marry her and support her no matter what, and she'll repay you with many years of happiness.

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It wouldn't surprise me that Obama does this, since he is an idiot. If he had any brains at all, he'd support these afghan women and buy American. But then, he won't do that, since he hates the country that he's the president of.

We need to get rid of Obama and get a leader who understands how to fix our problems.

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Bout time Israel turned off the spigot, and shame on Europe for agreeing to pay the terrorists.