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I recall that Buddha remembered many reincarnated lives but did he say they arose sequentially, over time? If the ego is an illusion then could the aspects of a reincarnated awareness exist within different egos during the same present moment? In this way people who are meaningful in my life could be variations of me or the nondual awareness that produces this illusion I think is me.

The elegance of awareness evolving from different aspects of the same energy field, at the same time, might mean you really can't harm another without harming yourself because there is no "other" in the most intimate sense. If I believe you might be a reincarnated aspect of myself would I be more compassionate, more accepting and less judgemental of you - or me? Would it become more compelling to to work for the enlightenment of all beings if the beings sharing this moment are essentially me anyway? Karma happens now AND in a different "life". In this sense perhaps every birth is a rebirth, a reincarnation that defies constraints imposed by my non-liberated mind.