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Yummy! Looks absolutely delicious. Ok, now I am getting hungry!

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I think using dryer balls would be better for the Environment. We don't use dryer sheets but this is ingenious. I just wonder how durable and sheet it is. Great story!

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Ah yes, I would crave all types of melons when I was pregnant with my first one.. and wouldn't you know it.. she absolutely loves melons.

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I do agree there is an extra effort to dispose of CFLs properly because of trace amount of mercury in them... however you have to take into account how many times you would change an incandescent to CFL; I do think CFLs still come out on top. Like I stated before. I still have CFL lightbulbs that is still emitting light from 2007. I know I would have changed the those light bulb at least three times with incandescent and who knows when I have to change the everlasting CFLs.

More stores are taking back CFLs to be disposed of or recycled.. so you can just drop it off while you are shopping at Home Depot. I know everyone goes to Home Depot once in awhile. Also the amount of mercury contained in CFL is about the size of the period at end of this sentence. A thermometer has 125 more times the mercury than a single CFL. It's not a hazmat if it accidentally breaks. Believe me, I know all about that since my hubby works with EPA and hazmat every day for his job. You obviously need to take precautions, but I do think the benefits are much greater.

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Great post Dawn! It really helps to have a real life example and comparisons to show others that green does indeed save money after the initial investment. I still have CFLs from 2007 that has yet to burn out, and we use it daily.

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Thanks for the comment and update, Nami. I am sure home owners would be interested in learning more about solar leasing and financing through the Webinar which is an excellent idea. Very excited about this new prospect and option for homeowners interested in solar energy.

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Energy efficiency and renewable energy are said to be the twin pillars of sustainable energy policy which to means one and the same.

I do agree with your excellent point that energy efficient upgrade should come first before installing solar power. However, the point of my article and the semantics of my title was trying to convey the idea that solar power is more energy efficient than conventional coal generated electricity.

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After contacting Cali Bamboo in regards to their trademark claim. This is the response I received. I hope this clears up any misunderstanding.

The full term “engineered bamboo dimensional lumber” is specific. It does not mean to say we are the first to invent a piece of bamboo that can be used to build something. If you look at the history of all of the so called bamboo lumber claims out there you will find a few things in common.

1. Many claims of bamboo lumber are simply flooring parts with a different name (example calling stair risers, which has been selling for decades, bamboo lumber)

2. Other companies have or are trying to simply use the exact same process as bamboo flooring or bamboo plywood and simply change the dimensions or glue them together into different or larger dimension and repackage the name as bamboo lumber.

We define “engineered bamboo dimensional lumber” as the most common dimensional lumber components sold in the United States which are 8ft long 2x4s, 4x4s, 2x6s, and 1x4s. We are unaware of any companies that have previously and are currently selling a suite of products that match these descriptions and have made these products available to purchase in north America for a cost that is in line to other outdoor grade dimensional lumber products.

CaliBamboo’s engineered bamboo dimensional lumber is the first of its kind. It is unique in the way it is manufactured. Because of its unique manufacturing process that was developed 5years ago at CaliBamboo, engineered bamboo dimensional lumber is now available in the most popular sizes such as 2x4s and 4x4s at a price point that is competitive to like products and most importantly can be purchased by end users today.

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Hi Jessica, Thanks for your comment. I am also a HUGE fan of reclaimed wood. However, I want to give other options to designers and homeowners that perhaps for them, reclaimed isn't an option. I do think being FSC certified falls into sustainable design and build.

Thank you for pointing out Staybull Flooring, I will look into them further and will be doing a post soon. It's always great to have options.

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Interesting comments. I will try to contact the representatives of Cali Bamboo to get the facts straight in regards to the trademark and claiming they are the first engineered bamboo lumber. But thanks for adding other sources for dimensional bamboo products.