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You've got to be kidding! How about this: for each innocent man woman or child killed in these raids, an equal number of family members of those who back this kind of action are chosen at random and killed in a like manner. We'll see how quickly the bombings and other military actions are stopped, and negotiations are began in earnest.

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Let's not lose focus here. I am absolutely on the Universal Single Payer Healthcare bandwagon. I believe it is very possible, and to aim for less at this time would be a travesty. is the web site for House Resolution 676 The National Health Insurance Act (expanded and improved medicare for all) sponsored by Reps. John Conyers(D-Mi) and Dennis Kucinich(D-Oh). If one doesn't think there is a movement for this approach to healthcare, this web site based on the resolution will change your mind. It is a very viable option but has little media attention. You can draw your own conclusion as to why.