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Another "young people" headline by the media: "Dallas store clerk attacked by group of young people".


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Tea Party terrorist or Obama flunky? Can't I just be an American with a point of view? I guess not in this day and age....

I'll stick to my opinion above.

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Latest: CBS News Chief's Brother is Key Obama Speechwriter:

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Latest: CBS News Chief's Brother is Key Obama Speechwriter:

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Mark Knoller of CBS responded to me about CBS's refusal to release the tape:

I'm glad BJ picked up on this story as well.

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You make a good argument. However, I don't think people will buy it. RomneyCare is exactly like ObamaCare in that it punishes people for NOT buying a product from a private company at the behest of the government.

The "state only" argument you make (although well reasoned) is just an excuse in my opinion to try and make Romney saleable to the public at large. I don't think it will work.

Socialism is as socialism does. Romney did it on the state level. He can't take back what he unleashed.

One other point: Romney Care is in the hole for millions. It is his program. Doesn't really help his "I'm Mr. Fiscal" persona.

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You're right. The implication is students from Asia when she talks about bringing the whole family to college, but she doesn't actually say it.

Wow, a lot of time examining a YouTube rant. When does she get her own talk show?

Have you watched kookookooldude's response? I think it is quite good.

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I just don't think this rises to the category of "pitchforks". I took the same tone about the race baiting the right did over the FOX News crew story linked above.

Aue's post comes closest to pointing out Ms. Wallace's racism. However, she clearly did say students from Asia, not Asian students. A distinction without a difference perhaps, but still a distinction. She does come very close to going over the line by emphasizing "AMERICAN" so often. Great point Aue.

My fear with all of this is that we are heading down a road of crazy PC-ness. If you don't like her dumb videos don't watch them. I maintain free speech means free in most cases including this one.

In the end the joke may be on all of us I think. Had the video been truly racist many in the media would have simply ignored it. They do so when the klan and neo-nazis spew their hate. It is the fact that she is white, blond, and is basically showing her boobs while doing this idiotic commentary that has made this a story.

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Just finished the movie. I rented it via iTunes. It is a very touching film.


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Upbeat, if you want to write a story detailing the ooopsie's I'll print it. It would make for good copy. Let me know at john at