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Another great work product - keep the heat on the Usurping government and courts - we the people must push back with a full court press - make them explain and justify each and every act.

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Thank you all for your efforts to educate "WE THE PEOPLE" as to our powers and rights. Like the post above it boils down to just telling DC - "WHAT PART OF NO DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?"

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Here is where they have led us to date - what makes us think these 12 will fix anything?

The real truth is "Those pf us that work for a living are outnumbered by those that vote for a living" [by Phillip McKeon, Converse, Texas 2011 express news].

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Here is the 1912 Progressive platform - how much would you support - how much is in place now - the future 100 years after the plan.

Progressives 1912?
Progressives 2012?

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read this - the 1912 Progressive platform - how much has been put in place?

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Is this article saying Mr. Obama is a Marxist believer and really believe the rich pay Estate taxes? The Rich like Gates and Buffet put $ 30 billion into a Charitable Foundation and they still have the money - avioded the 15% capital gains tax, avoided the 55% Estate tax and they get to deduct the $ 30 billion each from their current income tax saving another 35%. They support the Estate tax on the little rich farmers and small business people but they do not trust the government with their billions - HUH.

Come on Progressive/Marxist liberals do the math, $ 60 billion each and zero taxes and it is your program that allow them to avoid your rules on the middle class. Just stop being a liar and stop the TAX the RICH class warfare for it just breeds hate and envy.

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Democrats have a very warped sense of proper punishment for breaking the same laws by members - Charlie extorts money, fails to pay income tax on income, uses government assets for his personal use, lies about how he uses (4) four count them [4] rent subsidized apartments worth hundreds of thousands over the 40 years. He is told he is a bad boy, he rejects the thought and the Democrats give him a standing ovation.

A few years back Duke Cunningham did mush of the same things as Charlie and he was forced to resign and is in prison. then Democrat have Alcee Hastings [a Impeached Judge] as one of the members of the Democrat congress? Go figure when will we say enough.

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The result of the Roscoe case is exactly what is wrong with American government and the Courts. This is a prime example of two or more branches working together to usurp power. The Court was intended by the Founders and Framers to review laws and either approve them or disprove them with legal findings for either. If they were Constitutional they needed to show the authority - if not then they need to return the law to the proper legislature for further action.

Clearly they used a flawed decision to create a case law basis for the Courts and the central government to usurp more powers. The only remedy open to the People is a Constitutional Convention or a Revolution as the Courts and Congress will not return the limits of a Constitutional Republic with a small central government and enumerated limited powers.

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Michael and Rob,

thank you for all the work you do; if people like you can educate us in the general public maybe just maybe we can claw the power from a usurping Federal Government and return it to the States and then to the People.

Judges are not granted any powers to create, alter, enforce, or change any laws or regulations - these powers have been usurped using the theory of case law (one built upon another or lie upon lie.). Case law can not trump the Constitution without ending the concept of the Rule - by - Law and using the Rule - by - Man. The rule by man system has failed ever time throughout history and is failing in America as I write.

Rob, thank you for your new book, I have just started studying it (not just reading) in the first 50 pages I have read things that I never read anywhere else in my 67 years on this earth. I will email you my new understanding after much time and effort.

Thank you both for you are the future of our Republic.

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It is nice to see that the market will accept truth and disclosure as news. Both sides of all issues generate a lot more interest and Fox is the proof.