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Ted! Loved seeing your smile each time I landed on these pages. Best 'o luck to you. - JD

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Maxine! Knowing you're "out there" makes me smile. Stay in touch on Gratitude Log, ok? Big smiles to you, sweet friend. xxoo, John

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This last note is a perfectly times one for me as I am working on optimization these days. The idea that “it’s not time management, it’s energy management” is especially important to me. Yes. There are tons of great nudges and invitations in here for me. A lot of it feels like nice and needed reminders and/or reframing of ideas that I can incorporate into my days. As luck would have it, I am working on a new plan for today and everything in this note has HUGE relevance for that plan. I love it! If I had to boil it down, to one idea, it’s the idea of the short, focused, intense sprints with rest in between. This alone will help me optimize my work-from-home-getting-lot’s- done-without-a-definite-schedule reality. And to this point, the idea to pay particular attention to the time between those intense sprints, to ritualize them has me inspired. OK, off into my Big Day but before I do that, wow what a treat it has been to be with you all over the last months. Here is believing that you have been changed in some cool and wonderful ways and that because of those changes, you will be even more kick ass than you were at the beginning of this amazing endeavor.

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Hi all! OK, first I want to clear out one thing that came up as I walked through this note and that is the concept of the inner battle or jihad. I get the concept; I just don’t like the metaphor. I say end the battle; put down the weapon and walk off the field. That said, there is still a lot of work to be done and at times it is anything but “easy” but good God, the benefits are delicious which actually transmutes the “struggle” a bit; for me making the struggle a cool part of the process (think of what the snake has to go through to shed its old skin). Now I know, in the jihad metaphor there is a lot of beauty, I just think it adds more tension to the process than I am want to have. I like to cultivate a non violent approach to alignment. Maybe I am splitting hairs but it’s an important shift for me and seems to be working. I figure it’s how I would like the outer world to resolve conflict, so why not use it in my inner world? Whew, with that out of the way, YOWSA! I love this note … “every moment is a moment to be impeccable?” “Use Death as an advisor?” Are you kidding me? Those two alone have the power to move (internal) mountains. I am also, loving “The warrior trusts that he will always lure game.” Ah… knowing. The state of knowing is a choice. When I choose it, the clutter falls away and I settle into a focused, grounded presence. Much love to you guys today oh and happy spring!

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Ah, shucks, thank you.

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I need to be reminded (a lot right now) about this Bid Idea to cultivate my connection to Life/Sprit/Bliss. My old story has me forgetting this truth. My new story has me checking in each morning as my feet touch the ground. Looking to see how powerful my connection is. This morning? Not so strong. So, I moved into action. I moved into connection. Thank you, Brian Johnson, for being a part of my connection today. Thank you, tribe, for being “out here” to connect with. Thank you Joseph, for posing the big questions to me that has me taping that wellspring within me that simply awaits my presence. I have found my boon and I am bringing it out into this day. I can feel, once again, the alchemy of Spirit mixing with my personality to create the unique elixir that is called John Dulworth. Lovely. Taje care sweet friends and happy day.

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Ahh – here it is again, that beautiful concept of connection. Yes. A life lived in connection is a life of pure and total abundance. When I am short on connection, I can pause and connect. I have a kazillion tools to connect and it all begins with awareness; catching the moment I am disconnected and reconnect to let the juices of God/Life/The Universe flow through me. Today, I have a bit of a funk hanging out with me. But you know what, we’ve made friends. He went to the gym with me, he hung out while I coached a couple of clients, he even was present while I worked through today’s note. Yup. Today, my tool to connect has been “to allow.” Every time I find myself sliding back into funky town, I stop and say “I see you” and return to my chosen way of being. Catching up with Esther and Jerry today simply underscores the importance of living this way. DIG IT. Perfect timing. This funk? It’s my Monday talisman reminding me to cultivate my connection to Source. Who doesn’t need that reminder? I certainly do. On that point, I want to say that what I loved was the other reminder that whether my life sucks or is phenomenal, either state is a temporary indicator of my connection to Source. A sucky day can pass as long as I practice connecting and a phenomenal day? Um, it’ll pass to (everything is temporary) unless I practice connecting. Either state is temporary. The power is in my hands. I needed the reminder of telling the old story vs. having the chutzpah and the presence of mind to stand in, live from and profess the new story. And, Brian, thank YOU for the simple tip of catching yourself telling the old story then pivoting to the new one. Nice. And the simplicity of the question: “What do I want?” Grrr…. I can feel it’s potency. OK, guys and gals, I am off to practice. I hope each of you is having a splendiferous, glorious, remarkable day of your choosing.

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Hey friend, thanks for the tip. I figured it out now so I won't need to miss a moment of you guys.

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Indeed :) what will we do when we reach Day 50? Hmmm...

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Mr. Hoover - I too am finding it wonderful to NOT open email until later. Thank you for that reminder. JD