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Sean2009 said:
"The idea that the neocons need Ahmadinejad to demonize Iran is laughable. They have been doing so for three decades, or hasn't the author noticed?

And should the US-backed poster boy for today's color revolution ever get in, I am sure the guy who is said to have ordered the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon will be easy enough to demonize..."

You are certainly right. It would not matter an iota who was seated as Iranian president. The Zionist (euphemism) - owned Empire simply wants to stir as much trouble there as it can.

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"... Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his incendiary, inaccurate, but inconsequential rhetoric about the Holocaust and Israel ..."

Incendiary, yes. Inconsequential, perhaps. But inaccurate? Certainly not.

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"... Biden said the United States would make no effort to dissuade the Israeli government from launching an attack on Iran ..."

And how it possibly could make such an "effort"? The scum knows who his actual bosses are. And so do we.

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An excellent article.

"... If, as Osama bin Laden has sometimes asserted, the way to destroy the United States is by crippling its economy, then one can argue that the terrorists are already winning. Hundreds of billions of dollars that could be used productively are being wasted every year in the endless war on terror while the United States sinks ever deeper into a sea of debt. ..."

Well said.

On the other hand, one could also argue that the astronomical U.S. military expenditures do not depend an iota on which are those particular windmills that the imperial establishment fights at any time.

Of course, in a normal place, money would be spent on the military only in direct proportion to the genuine necessity to defend oneself, be it during a defensive war, or in peacetime, to be able to defend oneself if attacked, or to discourage an attack.

However, if the military expenditures are part of an already fully self-sustaining chain reaction of a gigantic and monstrously corrupt military-industrial complex, then things work exactly in reverse. The establishment is then merely looking for and busily manufacturing excuses to throw the public money on the military.

As Mr. Giraldi says, "with so many vested interests desperately wanting the money spigot to remain open"...

But money burns much faster than fissile materials. Natural laws being immutable, the end is not that far away.

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One of the worst articles ever published on .

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"... already Iranian state television is featuring the "confessions" of jailed demonstrators who attribute their "terrorist" activities to instructions from Voice of America and the BBC."

The Voice of America and the BBC broadcasts are not as innocuous as you seem to imply by your quotation marks. Having, unfortunately, first hand experience from Eastern Europe, where I grew to my adult life very many years ago, I can assure you of the overall effectiveness of these particular two horrible propaganda tools of the Empire and the Poodle Empire, especially when directed towards people starved for information.

Yes, the time and the place are quite different ... but these two creations for deception and incitement have remained exactly the same. One should not be so easily dismissive. As Mr. Philip Giraldi said yesterday in his remarkable analysis, nothing is ever what it seems.

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Mr. Philip Giraldi's knowledgeable and perceptible reading of the Iranian situation is refreshing indeed. There are many commentators these days, only a few knowing the subject. Unbeknown to most is that Ahmedinejad in fact belongs to the faction of Iranian republicanism, along with Ayatollah Khamenei (who - surprise, surprise - is a former student of Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow), while Mousavi is the front man of the absolutist theocratic designs of the backward mullahs with the thoroughly corrupt billionaire Rafsanjani and his clan pushing and scheming in the background.

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In lieu of my comment. Former Indian ambassador M. K. Bhadrakumar's penetrating analyses of the present situation in Iran in his latest Asia Times articles and : a must read.