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Thanks for the feedback John

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We all thought mobile would make posts shorter, also heard that good content articles should be between 1500 and 2000 words in length. Story telling, video and images with video trending for 2016.

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Thanks, like your site it is neat and informative.

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Thanks always good to go over what we need to do!

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Thanks Tom, learning more about each other is fun and interesting, hope you found something of interest in my memoir.

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Glad to have helped with some information, unfortunately I have not got around to video yet, it is on the "To Do" list, good luck and I will keep you in mind at gigburst if I need some help.

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Thanks and good luck with your site building, sure you will do an excellent job!

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Comments always gratefully received, have to freshen the blog up and get mobile going. Long posts down to short quick bursts of information. Life has changed, technology has changed, so sites must change.....

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You run a pretty neat site, thanks for leaving a comment.... Appreciated.

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Libby if people find articles so interesting that they steal it, there is not very much that you are able to do about it IMHO! They only suggestion I would have is write to the website owner and ask them where they obtained the information and if they would like to use it perhaps have the decency of giving the credit to you via your URL link being a clickable link from their page. I see you run a Wiki, unfortunately most believe Wiki to be free resource material, however a link giving you the credit would still be the ethical thing to do.