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There is only one correct thing to do in Afghanistan...GET OUT!. No one wins by invading that country. Alexander the Great could not subdue it for long. The British could not nor could the Russians. The US isn't going to do it either. A wise leader should know the war(s) he can win and this is not one of them and we are making things worse by trying to stay there. The Afghans do not bow to foreign invaders. They haven't in the past and they won't this time either. Young Americans should not be dying to win the unwinnable.

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George Will, how dare you! HOW DARE YOU!!!!, After backing this war when that criminal, Cheney, was running the show with his toadie in the White House ...You now want to turn tail and run.
Then in a few years you'll be writing how the Democrats are "soft on defense"....How damn dare you! Your waffling has made you irrelevant. You were supposed to stick to this war no matter what. You should have gone over the cliff with the rest of the "warmongers"... and now you call for getting out you pusillanimous make believe conservative.