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I think that a key component is quality of the agent - if the quality agents perceive the brokerages to be catering to the lowest common denominator as they have for so long, the agent is going to continue to see their brokerage as a necessary evil rather than a facilitating partner.

The brokerages need to see - and treat - the quality agents as contributing members to the collective success.

I also think that the brokers need to be - and be seen as being - competent. There are too many old-school brokers who haven't represented clients in too many years. Either be a manager of a business - or a real estate broker - I haven't seen many people who can competently do both.

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From an email commenter:

"A Foodlion would have been more affordable for everyone. Crozet could use a Super Dollar store too! A store everyone can afford to shop in and with more selection for them choose from."

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It's this evening. NBC unfortunately got it wrong. (so did I originally)