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I haven't checked this out at all, because I don't need/want another Apple gizmo. Except that I do. I always imagine that Apple laces their touch screens with ecstacy, or something. It must be why I feel such unending joy whenever I'm around them.

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When you tweeted (twittered? twitted?) about this show, I'd never even heard of it. Was it a hapless victim of the "'Firefly' cancellation syndrome"? People who should have known about its existence didn't, so it gets the axe cause no one was watching? I am also among those who have seen 'Princess Bride' so many times I have it memorized backwards and forwards and sideways and frontways. My other "must sit and watch regardless of what else I have to do or what I'm late for" movie is 'Galaxy Quest'.

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::clears throat:: "STOP TURNING NON-MUSICAL MOVIES INTO MUSICALS!!!" ::bangs head against the wall:: I love musicals, but I'm so done with all of this. 'Legally Blonde' was my breaking point. At least 'Young Frankenstein' had a musical number in the film.

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The comic is weird, but I think it will translate really well to film.

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@eddieizzard is my newest celebritweeter.

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My new favorite word: OMNOMingly

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Gay sex toy shenanigans aside, am I the only one strangely attracted to cartoonJoel sans beard?

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I have an irrational dislike of James Cameron since he claimed to be "king of the world" at the Oscars. Now he can do no good in my book. As for the movie, this is the first classic flick in a long while that I've been okay with the idea of a remake.

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Baz is a good choice for this. "Gatsby" should be very colorful, musical and a little larger than life. Thinking back on "Romeo + Juliet" and "Strictly Ballroom", I imagine his vision for this would be taken from a similar vein.

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I was going to make a "Kirk's balls exert that much force" joke, but you beat me to it. Bravo.