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The development of this technology is an example of how individual initiatives can surpass government funded programs to come up with new ideas in technology to improve our lives and reduce our footprint on the environment.

I say government should get out of the way of private industry and quit trying to rescue companies which are poorly run and in ruin. The government has no business owning businesses.

Let companies like Bloom Energy lead the way to energy independence for us.

JetAviator3 (John White, MBA), Internet Publisher

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Where has our common sense gone? No, not that we shouldn't allow kids into a control tower under very controlled circumstances, but the hysteria that somehow this was extremely dangerous.

In this world of "political correctness" everyone is watched by everyone else and second guessed. From what I could hear and understand no one (except our impotent FAA and the news media hysteria group) took this as anything other than what it was - an innocent event.

Get a life, folks!

JetAviator7, Publisher,