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More guest posts! Also, more posts!

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You are the smartest, most insightful blog commenter to ever live. You are also clearly more intelligent and WAY more of an expert on human nature, civil/gay rights, and almost everything else in this world than I am.

Do you feel better about yourself now? You've 'won' against every single other individual in this thread.

Now then; please go away, troll.

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I think you overanalyze everything in this world.

I don't say anything, I copied the definition from websters dictionary. I responded to you calling the author a bigot. You can submit your objections to Webster's obviously hasty and ill-conceived definition here:

I'm sure they'd love to talk about logical fallacies, etc. I'm going to go ahead and read the funny articles here. Good luck!

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A. Yikes, I 'hope' that's working out for you.
B. Really?

Please remember to read the fine print:
'Leave your sensitivity at the door'

bigot - : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

Where was the hatred and intolerance? Did anyone see hatred or intolerance anywhere in this blog post or comment section?

SETTLE DOWN. It's a blog about comedey characters.

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Hey Doug:

A. What exit poll? Do you know how statistically unaccurate and unreliable exit polls are?
B. It's pretty freaking clear. He believes something. In the United States of America, we get to do this. Regardless of what you believe, that is why our country is the best. You can believe what you want. Unfortunately for some (you?) it goes both ways.

By definition - if B is a Bigot, so are you. Bigot.

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I agree with what you're saying, and I like the article, but I am SOOO tired of hearing people like that author say what they think are incredible insightful things about the 'public' like their some professor observing us from a petri dish.

No, we do know better. Movies like that are fun (not good, fun). People like to have fun. If I took you to my backyard, where I had stacked about 40 pounds of C4 underneath a dump truck and blew it up - would you say 'Oh God, how boring and cliche and stupid, *yawn*'. or would you wet your pants and talk like dudes in a mountain dew commercial? Now make a movie with missiles and buildings exploding and its fun!

People flock to these movies because ITS REAL DAMN HARD TO MAKE A GOOD MOVIE. So we fall back to explosions and alien genocides for good times. If it were easy to make great movies, everyone would be millionaires. Then we could afford all that C4.

Can't wait for inception!

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Spice it up fuzzball.

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Great post. The rule of 3 also goes with general planning and is common with battle plans in the armed forces.

1 is none
2 is one
3 is a backup

Meaning, have 3 options or plans with everything - routes, actions, safe houses, etc.

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There! A new account.