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I'd recommend leaving it with a friend you trust very well. One of the problems with the hide-a-key in the car, is that a lot of modern immobilizers work with a signal from your key. If you hide your key close enough, then your car might start just fine if someone breaks in and tries an old fashioned method of stealing it. And because you were responsible for the failure in the immobilization system, your insurance then probably won't cover it.

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Yup, we're really enjoying it and hoping the the refreshing break will boost our vigor when we get back home. I've already started making lists of projects and things I'd like to change when I get home.

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No, haven't seen zombieland yet, but it's definitely on the list.  It's research afterall ;)

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Thanks! It'll probably be a couple of months before I integrate them into my blog so I may need a refresher on how it all gets set up.

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Yup, it was one of the ones introduced in the "mastering the admin interface" talk. I love the option to have more horizontal screen space too! Makes it much more user friendly for me and easier to find things.

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Yes we still have 2 months to prepare.  I'm trying not to get too wrapped up in it all yet.  I'm supposed to be editing either of my last 2 manuscripts as well but have only made a few pages of progress since January.