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Normally this would be one of two things: either your chicken may have been a bit frozen or that you used too big of bird. Either one of these (or a combination of both) would result in an overly done outside and a raw inside.

A third issue could be that you might have had the chicken in the wrong position in your oven. Our oven has a temperature discrepancy between the top and bottom elements, so we typically have to cook food on the higher racks so as not to burn the bottom. Get an oven thermometer and hang it in various places in your oven to find out the optimal "center" of your oven.

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Well, the ad I'm seeing is one for Bacon Salt.... apparently the missing ingredient in this recipe.

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Wow, that makes perfect sense. We've got one lying around here somewhere...

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It's a pretty interesting comment setup. IntenseDebate was bought by the company that makes WordPress, so I would think we would see lots more integration between the two in the future. It does take a little while to get used to, though.

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I'll try to sneak some back over there next time...