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Just returned from vacation in Paris and one thing noticed while sitting on the cafes was how present each person was. People were conversating amongst one another and those who were alone you could tell were enjoying with their moment of downtime. No people on the phone, no blackberries on the table...just true presence. I loved it!

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I purchased the Silva Intuition System a few months ago and have been working at it at my own pace, which means I am not totally completed. However just because I am not finished with the entire course does not mean I have not reaped any benefits because I certainly have! For one, I have gained this incredible sense of knowing that where I am right now is the perfect launching pad into making my grand vision the real deal. I have taken steps, wtihout hesitiation, towards making it happen and have had the most amazing people appear in my life who totally support me. I have gained clarity around certain issues I was dealing with and I no longer fear facing them. Lastly I have changed my daily habits so that I stay grounded in my own self knowing and continue to expand my intuition. Since using the system I feel so at peace, so confident and more connected to my loved ones. I am thrilled with my change thus far! Thank You!

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This is super sweet! I think I need to take these vows with myself before I can take them with anyone :)

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my post didn't show up in full so here is the rest. It's kinda long :)
The funny thing is that I already have positive rituals in place and but I just never recognized them. Seeing them in this new light makes me respect and honor them in a different way than just doing. It's about the deep connection to my divine self and that greater force and these rituals help me stay there.

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Thanks Jayne! Same to you as well. I did not get a chance to reply often but I read often and really enjoyed your input and perspective on the notes. Now that we are that much more open and ready to receive great things are brewing for them to happen at the right moment :)

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This was a great note and like the ones before mpe I agree the timing of it is perfect. I have heard of the book (it is on my wish list) and managaing my energy is something I never thoght of until I had a reiki session last Spring. The healer noted that she sensed I was a very high energy person but did not know how to work with it. She was totally spot on! Over the year I have made some changes in an effort to make my energy flow better and although some of them did not stick doing this challenge has led me to revisit those changes and tweek them in ways that better suit me. Thanks to the note on Trusting Your Vibes for that!

I love the 4 principles as I feel they summarize nearly perfectly the whole of this challenge. If I had read this book before this challenge I honestly believe that I wouldn't have been able to grasp the conecpts as I do know. Alhough I dreamed of renewal time I never allowed myself to have it and no way would I have even considered positive energy rituals.

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Thanks Peter! Still feeling good :) I'm sure the Spring weather has something to do with it as well as the PN challenge :) Have a great weekend!

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Hi All!

Can't find today's (Day 49) area to post a comment but wanted to share that I felt a moment of exhiliration while sitting here doing my work. So cool!!! YEAH!!!

Back to work and more exhilirating moments :)

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Totally love anything law of attraction related :) And the timing of this note is perfect considering that I feel ready to leave my steady job and move forward with starting my practice and truly living the life I desire! I just got giddy!

Ok so on to the note. First I love being the term "deliberate creator". I am a deliberate creator! Second, all I can really say about this note is that it does the most amazing job of emphasizing how important it is to feel good in all moments of your life. It also does an amazing job of helping you believe in your dreams. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! I mentioned a few weeks back how one of the notes (I forget which one) helped me that I have been shortchanging my dream, meaning that I wasn't fully embracing it cause I didn't fully believe it. Well over the last few months as I have surrounded myself around people who are doing the remarkable I can see that for one my dream is possible and that for two it needs to be!! Universal Intelligence put that desire in me and I have to thank it by sharing it with the world!

I believe in so many people and now I can say that I finally believe in myself :) It took a lot of letting go of old beliefs and really shifting my mindset to fully embrace all of life that has led me to this beautiful place. This book is awesome and I will be gifting it to many family and friends :)

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Thanks Mark! Had an incredible b-day weekend and every day since has been getting better and better :) My goal for my 31st year of life...leave the cubicle for good and share my gifts with the world!! I am very close and so excited!!