Nicodemus at Nite

Nicodemus at Nite


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I'd say 95% of the time we are. We comfort ourselves in our big buildings with big sound machines, great programs and wild youth groups, yet that doesn't mean God is working in the church.

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I enjoyed this post, mainly because I wrote about it back in April 2009. I hope it doesn't irk anyone else that I'm promoting a post I wrote but here it is:

I know what you mean Matt. The idea that we like to feel successful is trying to do things without the Holy Spirit. I like to think of Joseph and all the crap that happened to him. Two times it says, "The Lord was with him and Joseph was successful." We can look at those times and think that Joseph was successful because he was in charge of Potiphar's house and in charge of the prison but it was because the Lord was with him that made him successful. We get so caught up in the numbers game at church. When we do, we take on the world's philosophy. Because how is music, sales, restaurants, magazines, books, video games, etc deemed as successful? By their numbers, and we as Christians and we as the church fall into the same philosophy. Jesus Christ never guilt tripped anyone into coming to Him. Remember the rich young ruler? Jesus let him walk away, He's not going to try to create all these scenarios to make you come to Him. He knocks plenty of times in our lives but it's us who decides.

I am so tired of being a pharisee. Jesus said in Matthew, "Woe to you pharisees, you travel over land and sea to win a single convert, yet you make him twice as much a son of hell you are." I don't want to be like this. I don't think church is the cure-all for unbelievers but we think that. "Oh just come to church everything will be fine."

I don't really see any altar calls in the early church, do you? I don't really see prayers being said publicly, do you? I think those are things to be done in secret, not for show.

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satan's a sniper lol. Although this gives us men here encouragement because that means, we are good husbands and fathers, and I know satan attacks that all day long. He sees how good marriage and family can be in God's design and wants to destroy all that. Let's remember to put up our Christian blinders so we don't look at other women men!

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lol arm wrestling is a miserable game. I'd rather have my gums scrapped!

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Yea my sis in law is over there but in Quanamithe lending her RN skills. She said she felt the tremors. Hopefully SCL readers can keep her in prayer.

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I not so secretly want to write a book and it be turned into a movie like Donald Miller.

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Jesus loves me, he didn't wait for me to shape up before pursuing me. He's the Great Shepherd and the Great Coin Collector.

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It's going to be a good year no matter what happens!

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Make a Stuff Christians Like Calendar.

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Doc says that due to my all body hemorrhoid, I have to wear this for 6 weeks.