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Jacob scores again!!

I felt like a naughty nosey-parker (not sure that'll translate into US speak!) eves-dropping on your private conversation with your soul-mate! Only you Jacob could pull this off in an inspiring yet hilarious way.

I wonder what the Universe would reply back? Perhaps he/she might say: "Dude, I did a pretty amazing job when I made you! Big Up to me bro!! And yeah I can be a sonofabitch at times but I ain't goin to give you an easy ride - you're more than up to the challenge and will do whatever it takes to make s*** happen!! I picked you Jacob to do great things in this World 'cos you're my smart, cool, brillant homeboy - so keep rockin' your life. PEACE!"

Huge hugs and tonnes of love xoxo

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OMG Jacob, this post is f****** awesome!!! You had me rolling about in hysterics and it reminded me of your earlier posts from your travels (that said, all your posts are brilliant - this one is in a class of it's own). You should write a post about 'how to write the world's best blog post' 'cos this is it honey! Funny, inspiring and authentically you - written from the heart!

As we say in the UK, bloody brilliant!! xoxo

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This is awesome Jacob! An amazing list, beautifully said and a wonderful legacy for your children!


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Oops I think I accidentally deleted your email download :( Please, pretty please can you send it to me again!! Really excited to read it! xoxo

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Life is one big playground....we just need to give ourselves permission to let loose more often and have some fun! If I could be any age if I didn't know how old I was, I'd be 5! Well I am still a multiple of 5 so I'm happy with that!!!!

I'm off to play ;)

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Hey PYT!!!

Totally get ya on the short-term pain vs. long-term pain! We are in control of our own destiny and are 100% response-able for the choices we make in life - although it's not always easy to escape the 'rat-race' when we have 'dependants' i.e., kiddy-winkles! We've gotta 'do what we love to do' and if we can't do that for whatever reason, we've gotta 'love what we do'!!

Lovin' the MJ today!


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...because I'm a pro-stalker!!!!!

Only teasing!!! I'm here because you make me think and that's a good thing for someone who spends her days inspiring my clients to think.

I did the 100 questions a year ago so I'm going to re-do them this week (without re-reading the original round of answers) and then compare the two sets of answers!

Mucho love! xx

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Jacob...what can I say.....you ALWAYS put a smile on my face ;)

Great blog and congrats on Sensophy inc.


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Well come on Jacob....you have got nice blue eyes!!!! (Oh and the rest of the blog post is great too!!)

Seriously, nice one.......and you'll smash your number - easy peasy!!

Big hugs :)

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Happy New Year Jacob....it's going to be a non-stop awesome 2011 and I'm SUPER excited and inspired to be sharing the ride with you and our mastermind group! Yeah....bring it ON!!