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Tony from Zappos was right on!

btw, do you know what camera was used to tape this video?

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Very cool idea, would love to get an invite.

Here's initial feedback just by looking at your page (something I am sure you already know but I feel it is going to make the experience so much better from the get go) - add a preview, just like Snap Shots, whenever the user hovers over an application icon. Info should include: description, category, size, price, AppStore rating, # of downloads...

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My guess -
1. The iPhone will be a lot more expensive than all other markets
2. The AppStore won't work but for a different reason - the mobile operators in Israel have an interest to keep the AppStore blocked and have their subscribers buy content only from their mobile portals. I hope Apple will actually force them to open access to the AppStore.
3. RTL seems to be working based on screenshots. Apple had a screenshot a few days ago on their site that displayed Hebrew chars LTR, but it looks like they fixed it (note how the correct image does not fit with the gradient on the right - <a href="http://www.apple.com/iphone/iphone-3g-s/keyboard...." target="_blank">http://www.apple.com/iphone/iphone-3g-s/keyboard....

But, I think that the operators will have such a massive marketing campaign around the iPhone that people won't really pay attention if maps are supported or whether they can install apps from the AppStore.

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I've had a similar experience & I posted about it - <a href="http://bit.ly/11BOWX" target="_blank">http://bit.ly/11BOWX

I noticed that the traffic quality from StumbleUpon is better than Digg users. These users tend to have a lower bounce rate, longer session times and a higher pages/visit.

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Two issues regarding twitter as search that needs to be addressed based on a one person focus group (myself):

1. Twitter is a good Q&A service **only** for the elite 1% of twiitter users with thousand of followers. The folks at the head (say 200-500 followers), middle (100-200) and tail (less than 100) won't get responses in most cases. The odds that a small group of followers will actually have answers to a wide range of questions you might ask is small, plus you need to get their attention to actually see your twit.

2. Noise. How do you filter the 95% of twits about something that can answer questions like "What (am I doing now)" rather than "Why" or "How"?

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I have the feeling this is another example of Apple trying to get something out the door quickly by compromising on the feature set, exactly like they did with the initial iPhone release. They understand better than others the importance of the appstore and I am sure they will provide more tools and visibility to the developers in the future.

I just recalled that I posted about the economics of the Installer (true for Cydia as well) about a year ago. I went back and read it today and noticed that it is still relevant. check it out.

<a href="http://www.meydad.com/2008/05/05/the-economics-of..." target="_blank">http://www.meydad.com/2008/05/05/the-economics-of...

btw, note that the current AppStore is not that different than Mozilla's plug-in directory for Firefox.

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Sounds promising. One question and one suggestion to the Ginger team.

Question: Does it work on Mac OS? if so, in what software?

Suggestion: On the "Register & Download" page they should include some information about the tool. What are the hardware requirements and supported platforms? Is it a desktop app that is available anytime the user is in a text box or only a toolbar for Word? etc.

Currently, there is no information except for a long registration form. And to get people to register for something without knowing exactly what is something means could mean poor conversion.

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In order to overcome limitation #2 you could use a post typing action triggered by a key, similar to how you run a spell checker at the end of an edit process.

But you have to harry up since the keys are being taken by others ("123" is now taken by Clippy, unless you could put a button inside the bar they added)

It is not an ideal solution as it does not let you see how things look like while typing but that would allow you to complete your first iPhone app.

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I saw the Marshmallow Shooter on the SkyMall magazine on a Southwest flight. There are other pretty cool gadgets in that magazine. People tend to ignore this magazine but if you are a gadget lover, make sure to take a look on your next flight.

BTW, if you fill a gun is not enough, you can go for the 40' Marshmallow Bazooka, http://tinyurl.com/5kzwvl

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Regarding the $30M-$50M -- I think you are of by a factor of x10-x20. There is no chance these companies were acquired for tens of millions of dollars.

My guess: $1.5M-$5M, and probably not all in cash.

Now, as a VC, do you find it interesting enough?