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I was thinking the same thoughts. The blowout win was nice, but so was the blowout win against Indiana. Smackdowns of inferior opponents mean little to nothing when the NBA's beasts are toying with you.

Still, a blowout win against anyone sure beats a loss to New Jersey. We can only hope the Celtics are headed in the right direction.

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Thanks, man.

If you think Skidmore's in the middle of nowhere, you should check out Williams. Their logo is the cow for one of two reasons: It's either 1) Williamstown is populated by more cows than people, or 2) cows are more attractive than 75% of the girls there.

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I like it, but as you said I don't think Perk is ever going anywhere but the first unit. Don't forget about Finley, either!

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Sheed is silently changing his ways and readying himself for the stretch run. He's played in the post more and more, and has generally been more active on defense. We're starting to see a different, improved Rasheed. Hopefully, everyone else can change along with him.

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Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. Apparently, the pregame speech didn't work out too well.

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I agree. Unfortunately, we've had to lower our standards of good effort. It sucks, but the truth hurts.

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If you find out let me know. I'd love to hear what that "moron" is up to.

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I agree with you. They definitely lose the edge, or at least this team has. Not that Tim Duncan or Ray Allen ever wore their emotions on their sleeves, but veteran teams definitely tend to tone it down more often during the regular season than young teams.

Whether it's a testament to shrinking talent or just boredom remains to be seen. We'll find out once the playoffs start, I suppose. It was nice to get a break from that tonight with the blowout.

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I agree with you, absolutely. But there's no way Doc Rivers plays a D-Leaguer. Not a chance.

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Agreed. But the things Finley would bring are his veteran experience and nice outside shot. Doc Rivers, as much as we'd like him to, isn't going to give any young guys a chance. Definitely not now, as the season winds down. He's been against young guys, for whatever reason, for a long time. He would consider playing a guy like Finley, but I don't think he'd ever give any minutes to an unproven D-League callup, no matter how much better he may be than Finley.