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Again, though our system is not perfect (meaning before the changes of Obamacare come along), up to now it seems to be working better than ALL the other Developed countries as far as Breast Cancer is concerned. And speaking of healtcare and agendas...interesting timing...Obama... Helthcare mandate is not a tax, right? Oh wait.. yes it is.

Changing Stance, Administration Now Defends Insurance Mandate as a Tax - NYTimes.com

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Right John / Michael....and Israel is accused by "the world" of "criminal actions" for doing what JFK did: IE the Cuban missile Crisis

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it doesn’t matter if the Senate passes changes to its health care bill through reconciliation, because reconciliation can't start until after the House passes the Senate bill exactly as it passed in the Senate the last time..... i.e. leave the abortion language (already rejected by Rep. Bart Stupak and others ) intact./ pass with the Cornhusker Kickback and the Loisiana Purchase, Connecticut deal etc. The bill has to pass the House with all that stuff most reasonable Americans have already said they disaprove of on a principle level that is not worth glossing over just to pass generic / not great (seen this way on both sides of the aisle) Healthcare reform.

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Funny, those White Coats he had behind him yesterday looked a little "proppy" Hmm, guess the Pres. doesn't take this debate seiously!

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Interesting video House of Commons Hearing on Climate change data / transparency issues...


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I have read elsewhere that reconciliation process cannot "create new policy" (and in this case, as you pointed out, the new policy would be the individual mandate) Not sure if this is correct or not, but I seem to be hearing it quite a lot.

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We agree for once Jeb! :)

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The non-AGW crowd feels the burden of proof is on the purported "majority of scientists" that support AGW to take their case in a simple way to the common folk, and at a reasonable level, disprove all the doubt / supposed "false-rumors", etc.. And no, a movie like "An Inconvient Truth" , magazine / newspaper articles and talking heads on TV, entries on blogs. don't cut it.
I shouldn't have to dredge up any underlying "facts" here and there... Cap and trade would be rediculously expensive...If this is so important, all the supporting data should be out there in simple form for all the world to see and pick apart... like anything else in science... We should be able to drill down to the more complex, verifyable source data behind it, and question it... / verify with non-AGW climate scientists to see if they can disprove the data with findings to the contrary, and debunking data should be posted as well.. (perhaps put all this on a website..hosted and updated by verifyable real non-partisans..I.E. not the federal government, etc..) That is the only way most of us non-AGW folks would come even close to feeling comfortable about changing our minds.

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Karl Rove's take on this very question:..."If tea party groups are to maximize their influence on policy, they must now begin the difficult task of disassociating themselves from cranks and conspiracy nuts. This includes 9/11 deniers, "birthers" who insist Barack Obama was not born in the U.S., and militia supporters espousing something vaguely close to armed rebellion."


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Well.. If we ask I guess we shall receive…. There already is at least one Moveon.org type organization for conservatives... http://rogueon.org/ falls under the amorphous (in a good way) "Tea Party Umbrella", they have started a facebook page, with state affiliates!