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I can't see ever missing Jerry. He's made a ton of bad decisions....a ton

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I tried to defend Jerry a bunch over the past year + but it's impossible now. He manages as if he doesn't look ahead whatsoever. It's even worse than Willie in that aspect, which is unbelievably sad.

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Ken Takahashi?

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I want him GONE....GONE! He's shown no improvement and frankly no desire to improve either.

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April 11th against the Nats he let up 5 runs in 5 innings. 5 runs in the 1st inning. And although he went 7.2 (the longest by any Met starting pitcher this year) in his last start, he still let up 4 runs on 8 hits

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At least Johan has somewhat of an excuse for the prior Sunday night's performance. I don't know what his excuse is for his other poor outings.

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Totally agree about Bay but disagree about Cora. He is a HUGE presence in the clubhouse and his leadership is off the charts. $1M too much shouldn't be considered a bad deal. Esp considering the Mets payroll (fake cheapness and all)

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Tom, supposedly they offered him a minor league deal and he's obviously looking for a major league deal

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Although Stokes didn't have any options left I don't like the trade. He proved to be invaluable to the team last year and was a one of the few bright spots. He came in in long relief. He came in in the 5th...he came in in the 8th. He did a lot for the bullpen and took on a good deal of the load.

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Dodgers won't bid heavily on Sheets, despite losing out on Pineiro. Still looking for a starter, however, along with a bench player or two....according to Tim Brown over at Yahoo