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Dude why you hating on Subject Zero.
She's the best out of the whole lot.
Well at least for me.

She act's all hard but in the end she just wanted someone to love her.
Just the way I like it. LOL

Great Read

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Anyway back on Topic.
Have to say I agree with you Nathan.
While I did not think this game would be perfect and was honestly sort of expecting low review scores, the way the review handled the review was pretty shitty. He complains yet doesn't really give a reason why. He barely even mentions the MP which is the bigger draw of AVP.
No Matter though I have my AVP CE payed off and i'll be picking it up day 1.

Nathan you just earned yourself another reader.

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Oh Shut The Hell Up MitchyD.
You lost all credibility supporting that Shitty ass Dead Space review from OXM when they gave it a 6.5.
Your opinions on games has changed radically ever since you went free lance for the worse.
Do you even play them for fun anymore? Probably not.

Also your Assassin's Creed 2 article in OXM was stupid as hell.

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I dunno sounds like reverse psychology....

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Look at all those maggots!!!

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I like the posters better than some of the other stuff we've seen for this movie.

Sure the buzz is still bad but like /film said it sounds like it wont be as horrible as everyone is expecting if that early review is to be believed.

Im just happy those mech suit things arent a huge part of the movie just that one part of the film and thats it.

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I'm just waiting for War Machine

Whiplash is pretty cool though

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I still find it amazing that the voice of solid snake is in the movie business as well

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Can someone please explain the picture for me?

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Whos the Second Person (Im assuming its a Gym Leader)