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Michael Perkins will be the mayor of Awesometown before you know it...he just oozes awesomeness. :)

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Praise God that He gets the last word.

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Thank God I washed in that window. Even then, sometimes I feel like I'm on the wrong side of that window.
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...break wind during a church service.

Just being honest.

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Serena, I want to reply to so much in this post but I don't want to write a comment as long as the post! This is SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD. It's like an all you can eat spiritual meat buffet.

"You’re obeying sin when you’re living in fear of it."

I LOVE this. So often we think of obeying sin when we commit the act but dwelling on the idea of sin is sin in itself. We're allowing it to grow and fester within us taking our focus off the God of grace.
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Well said, Serena. I know I'm being replanted and removed and all the other re- words. ;)
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Right on!

My pastor made an interesting comment this weekend about prayer. He said that prayer is pure sacrifice on our part because our flesh gets nothing from our stopping everything else to pray.
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Drinking water has made a big difference in my life. I can tell when I haven't had enough water because it directly impacts my mood and my energy levels.

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What a wonderful perspective on Christmas. A 365 day focus on Christ is essential. :)

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Good stuff Ron. I left a church once because the pastor and his staff wouldn't delegate anything to anyone. If you came to them with an idea for a new ministry, they'd dismiss you and then a few months later they would suddenly be leading a ministry in the same way. Then they would complain that no one was volunteering at the events they would set up and how it was "our obligation as a church member" to do what they told us to do. When it was credit time, the lead pastor was always right out front to talk to a TV camera or a reporter. Always thanked his staff who usually weren't the ones doing the work.

The churches I've worked hardest in as I've moved around the country are the ones where the pastors didn't care who got the credit as long as the Kingdom was advanced. Eventually those churches stopped being about anyone getting credit and all about everyone serving Christ with their gifts in whatever way was needed at the time.