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"... a bold critique of Christian forgiveness in light of the demands of Jewish justice ..."

That certainly piqued my interest. This is the kind of review that brings me to the theatre. Too bad the Times killed the play. Perhaps a revival elsewhere ...

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Interesting to note that after Newtown massacre, leftists want greater scrutiny of all gun owners and buyers even thought they are innocent of any wrong doing. Sellers must “profile” buyers by law (if the law is passed).

At the same time, citizen judgment used to “profile” suspicious terrorist activity is denounced by those same leftists. No law is being suggested to single out those with a questionable background. Common sense suggests a careful eye should be cast upon those with sympathies to jihadi causes.

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Why wait? Given recent history we shouldn't be shy in saying the default assumption is a jihadi attack. One only has to add "assumption" in one's statement to indicate that we reserve the right to revise our opinion as the facts come in.

Let's not be dhimmi-whipped into being afraid of suggesting an hypothesis. Indeed, given the record of 10-20000 jihadi attacks around the world since 9/11 we should be adamant that it is natural to assume that an attack with this M.O. is likely jihadi. If it is the exception, then it is the exception that proves the rule.

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Bloomberg has spent a large fraction of the NYPD budget on monitoring Muslims and their institutions. I doubt other cities have done the same. These programs have come under criticism from pro-jihadi groups.

It would not be surprising if a jihadi attack occurred in Boston instead of New York. While there's an outside chance this one isn't a jihadi attack, the odds are against it. It has the M.O. of such an attack and that should be a reason for proceeding as if it were an Islamic attack. It pays to play the odds.

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If you're reading this site and supporting it, you're doing it. Pat yourself on the back. The next step is getting the word out ... spread the word!

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Your courage if laudable. But might I suggest that you help your fellow Christians learn about the false prophet of the Islamic faith? Most Christians believe that Islam is just as good as any other religion or denomination of Christianity. Perhaps you can help Christians understand that Islam is opposed to the divinity of Christ and is eternally hostile to Christianity.

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Let's review our record of helping Muslims:

We have been helping them for 50 years. We’ve supported the (1) Arabs in the Suez Crisis and in general from 1948 to 1967. (2) We supported the UN resolution for Israel’s return of territory from the ’67 war. (3) We helped Egypt get back the Sinai and (4) helped Muslims fight the USSR. We’ve helped the Muslims in (5) Bosnia and (6) Kosovo, We’ve help (7) Kuwait and protected (8) Saudi Arabia from Saddam. We give (9) Egypt $2-3 billion a year. We fund the (10) Palestinians and help the (11) Lebanese; we’ve tried to establish a democracy in (12) Iraq and (13) Afghanistan; we helped (14) Arafat rise to power in Palestine; we gave the (15) Taliban $43 billion in early 2001; we sell fighter jets to (16) Pakistan. (17) We fund Fatah ($68 million 6/07) and (18) Hamas ($40 million via the UN). (19) Provided aid to Tsunami victims in Indonesia and earthquake victims in Pakistan. (20) Sell Saudi Arabia state of the art weapons. (21) Help Islamists rise to power in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Gaza, etc.

As Paul Berman noted in "Terror and Liberalism", there is no group of people that we've helped more in the last 50 years than Muslims. Muslims come first ... why? I suggest that both left and right see an altruistic purity in helping people that are least like us and have nothing to offer the world (aside from natural resources that we found for them.)

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The reason is far less complicated: “love thy enemy.” Christians believe in the altruistic doctrine to put others first. The “other” comes before self, kin, and country. We sacrificed Americans fighters in Iraq to help Muslims while we turned our back on the suffering Christians. Bush didn’t hate Catholics or Orthodox Christians. They just weren’t “other” enough. It’s selfish to help one’s own.

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We are propping up Morsi just like we (foolishly) propped up Mubarak. It's time to pull the plug and let Egyptians sink or swim. They might have trouble at first but I don't think they are ready for 100% Brotherhood. If they are then we definitely should not support Egypt and if they are not then our support isn't needed for Egyptians to do what's right. Either way, it's time to end the aid.

We made a huge mistake in 1956 when Eisenhower supported Nasser. We made further mistakes when Reagan supported the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. Bush made another mistake by nations-building in Iraq and calling for elections in Gaza. Obama continued the failed policies and look at what is happening. Enough of our "help!" It's time to pull the plug.

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We are agreed: US should cut aid to Egypt. Let us all see what Egypt is really made of.