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I'm not categorically opposed to tiered pricing, but there would need to be some sort of tangible benefit attached, like next-day TV shows or HBO original series. Starz's arbitrary catalog of old movies wouldn't cut it.

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Interesting point (although I think it would work the opposite direction from how you describe it: the increased number of ordinary gamers selling their wares increases supply, thereby driving down prices). I could see that making the illicit market unsustainable. Or it could make conditions even worse for gold farmers as the pressure to produce is higher. Like you, I don't know the ins and outs. That's why it'd be great to hear from Blizzard on the matter.


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One scenario that doesn't make the smartphone wallet seem so calamitous: you still have a credit card and cash, but in most cases you leave them at home. That way, you've got a backup plan if the phone goes missing. And maybe smartphone battery life will be greatly improved by the time this idea becomes widespread. I'm optimistic for the concept, at least.

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Fair point. I do think the Wii has flared out, but I didn't mean to discount the infuence the Wii had on other motion controls, including Kinect. I'd still be careful about giving the Wii all the credit for the rise of natural interfaces. This was going to happen whether it was applied to a game console or not, and I'm willing to bet that Apple was planning an accelerometer long before the Wii hit the market -- they weren't released very far apart, after all.

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What Valium said.

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I'm reading, but not really sure what you're trying to say. This isn't something that should be ignored.

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The quote from Sony, on Tuesday, was "we expect to have some services up and running within a week." That's rather vague. It could mean you'll be gaming tomorrow. It could mean you'll be able to sign in and change your password on Tuesday afternoon. It could mean nothing, considering that Sony expected nine days ago to have PSN back online in a "a day or two."

But I take your point (however crudely put), and added some clarification to that part of the post.

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On a related note, OnLive can stream as many instances of a game as its bandwidth will allow. Zediva is restricted by the number of DVDs and DVD players that it has stored up. That's how it claims to get around licensing, because its renting the hardware to you instead of streaming the software.

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It's amazing how this applies in so many areas of tech/new media these days: