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Welcome Brent! Very excited for great things ahead!

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i like how you mention, "regardless of their industry" b/c that's so true. there are many companies that overlook the importance of social media b/c they focus only on twitter and facebook, when in reality, there are thousands of niche communities that are extremely important for different verticals.

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Thanks Ryan. It's inspiring always to see great products/services thrive. When a company ventures into social it's amazing to see how word can spread like wildfire. Truly remarkable.

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Very interesting use of advertising in social media. the less obtrusive, the better and it looks like they executed this one really well. How about Toyota that had an entire subdomain on Digg.com (or so it seemed) to help with the damage control there?

Thanks for sharing Brent, always insightful!

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Adam, no question that publishers have a content advantage. Your exactly right on that. We too see publishers though who *struggle* in social areas b/c they don't have the knowledge and expertise with regard to site layout, usability (and more) to be successful in social channels. So, even they need a fair amount of follow up/education to understand processes, layout and approach. Then, they need to know which niche sites and major sites to go after and which ones not to go after.

With regard to the non-publisher set such as brands, b2b, consumer products and ecommerce, they need to start thinking about being better content producers. Fortunately or unfortunately it can be the name of the game and the differentiator. And, most companies, when they really bare down and think about content, the find the possibilities are endless. I recently posted on that issue of getting that content out there in more effective ways.


...with a graphic to go along with it:

Thanks for visiting and hope to speak with you soon!

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VERY insightful feedback. Yes, the email feature of group discussion is exactly how this can benefit B2B scouting for relationships and solid connections / business deals. It's there, you just need to be a part of the community. Thanks for sharing b/c that's exactly how I found that posting.

Following you now on twitter too!

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It's been great to work with you Rebecca. Wishing you all the best going forward, though I know you want be too far from 10e20!

And yes, I'm going to run the big race!!!! Hope you can make it.

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Welcome aboard Stephanie!

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On the professional side I'm looking forward to:

* revolutionizing new tactics in social marketing.
* delivering outstanding solutions to clients and exceeding all expectations for marketing results.

On the personal side I'm looking forward to:

* volunteering time to give back to communities and people in need, people who are less fortunate.

* helping my friends and family in every aspect of their lives

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agree with that all the way; sort of along the lines of providing them the right content to get out there and share. thanks for checking in Todd!