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Hi Alaina!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mother & child pendant (the silver leaf is my 2nd fave) What a cute Idea! I would be proud to wear this for me and all of us single moms out there!

Cant wait to see what you do in your cool new ride! Super cute. :-) Jenn

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Hi Alaina, I love those pics! He is the cutest! My son Hunter loves puddles too (as all boys do I am sure LOL) I hope you will come visit my blog, I just started it. I sure could use some friends! Its lonely out here in cyberspace. I love your blog, I haven't commented much yet, but I am finding reading single mama blogs and writing in my own is good therapy (lots of anxiety and left over post partum depression that never got treated :-( - I am going to fix that though.

Cant wait for the next post! Hugs - Jenn

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Julie,____My ex is the same but with emotional abuse thrown in for good measure too. How did you learn to trust him with your child? I am struggling with that ALOT right now. The court wants us to have overnite weekend visits for my 2yr old son, my EX doesnt have a clue, I am just worried that my son will suffer for it.____Jenn

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I sooooo feel for her, though my situation is different. He was emotionally abusive to me and my son (2yrs old) and I left him before it could escalate to something even worse. Now he is acting like the perfect dad and wanting lots of time with my son. I DON"T TRUST HIM but the courts are loving that he wants to see his child, My hands are tied unless I can PROVE he abused us (HOW?????) my boy is only 2 and I don't know how much of all this he "gets". I am sure the questions will come later. I just hope I can explain...But I know the feeling of wanting to hurt him bad, just wish Karma or justice would prevail.____:-( Jenn____www.huntinghorsefeathers.blogspot.com

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I am also just learning this whole blogging thing, I finally started my own!

After reading all of your very inspirational posts about you, your son and ex, I felt the very strong urge to tell my own story too.

Come visit me at http://huntinghorsefeathers.blogspot.com/

I would love to have some company over there, its very lonely starting out in the Single Mom club LOL.