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Hi Zoie 1361. There are a lot of us and we are big dreamers. My siblings bounce up and down the east coast depending on the weather. I enjoy the changing seasons but have to admit that I would probably go almost anywhere to enjoy one of the HGTV homes.

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I voted for Pennsylvania. There are a lot of us baby boomers that have to downsize due to cost of living, empty nesting and retirement, and Pennsylvania seems to take care of its seniors. It seems like everyone in NJ is moving to Delaware because of the cost of living and taxes; so that leaves NJ out. Montana and Alaska have long winters and HGTV has selected snow covered locations already. I'm new to the blogging issue and the HGTV giveaways but I thought I read somewhere that they already built a home in Colorado. If not, it still fits into the snow category. Wherever they pick, I'll be tagging along with the rest of you dreaming that the next dream home and/or green home will be mine.

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I'm in all the way. Mostly with best wishes for Sandra and Kermit. We are genuinely happy for you and pray that you be blessed with good health in your new home. When the time seems appropriate, I pray that the many who want to send you good wishes with blessings and no strings attached will do so.

Sandra and Kermit, I hope you will find the time to share with us on the blog how this experience is working out for you.

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Yes! The tower room would a wonderful addition in that location. There is so much beauty to enjoy.

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The new piece of artwork will look good in any home. Thank you for another opportunity to win.

In our home, we recycle trashed cans, bottles, papers by dropping loads off at a recycling station. Rather than purchase expensive new equipment, I accepted an unused bike wasting away in someone else's garage and purchased a used bike stand for part of a workout routine. I keep fabaric tote bags and plastic grocery bags in my drawer at work and in my car to re-use with future purchases. We maintain our gas saving vehicles on a regular basis to extend their lifetime, generally anticipating keeping a vehicle over 10 years. We recognize dishwashers and clothes washers don't need to be run unless they are fully loaded.

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Thank you HGTV for giving us something else to focus on while we wait to meet the winner.