Jack the Ripper Jr

Jack the Ripper Jr


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Good luck Mr Furness from Southwark.

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Liars, thieves and crooks the lot of em. And to forfeit £65k when if it was any of us lesser mortals, we'd be facing a seven-stretch!

If we do get a BNP government, we need to have all these scoundrels retrospectively charged for their corruption. At least it'll keep the lawyers on side with the sheer number of cases that would arise but for once, I wouldn't mind footing the bill.

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Blimey, it's like the Bastards that Be want to replace us all.

Another reason to vote BNP whenever we get the chance.

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Can imagine it. Those Lib Dems are a freakish lot.

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Could be a publicity stunt for the Lib Dems, only way these "bad boys" get in the press is with stories about water-sports and peados.

Would be funny though if he tried to join the BNP.

Nick could organise a conference promising something 'special' to him and the press, have the camaras roll and then Nick thanks him for their interest but due to the fact that he once worked for the enemy, cannot be welcomed, especially with an attitude like that.

It really does seem that all we need to do is remind people of the other options available to them, eg; BNP. And if they're still adamant on voting Labour, I shall ask a doctor to get them sectioned (sic).

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How our Government treats people is similar to how High Street Banks do.

Take for instance the constant advertisements for new customers for Banks, the free phone-lines with plenty of staff covering the phones, all beaming with how happy they are to be helping you.

You then fall for the pitch and end up nothing more than a number, either to be further exploited, or if you happen to be a oligarch, be wooed further with more ways to expand their ever-growing treasure-chest.

Our Government invites umpteen millions of people of various cultures, creeds and jungles, promising them the (British) earth while neglecting the ones who bloody live here! Well, not if your some oligarch of course.

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Skipped Lord Titbit and what a joy I felt when reading that comment.

Just a shame he never replies to them.

The Lions are awakening and the Corruptibles will soon feel more bites reminding them that we British never shy away from a challenge.

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Probably the BBC setting up for a dozen Pol Pot ones. Just proves the point though that those who seek to control us are reading every evil-doers' book for pointers.

Hope a few of Enoch Powell quotes will pop up soon. Or even better, 'Flash' Gordon's world-famous "saving the world" quote. That would be classic.

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Cameron is a PR man who would suck up to a tramp if he would vote Tory. A carbon-copy of Blair.

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Over here, even black on black crime gets their own Operation Trident, yet we don't hear of all of them. And isn't there now a unit for all those honour killings here? All those that too never get reported in the press.

My father reminds me daily of the time when Murder was front page news, so much so the coppers had a hard time fitting people up for em.

Now the victims are lucky to get an obituary. The media along with the Polishittings are all to blame for this hate-culture. They knew from history that it would cause nothing but resentment with so many pulling at the strings of the Nation and have used it to further their own progressive politics of an Elite overclass with an expendable underclass.

All hate crimes need to be revoked though. Murder is murder and if the perpetrator deserve no mercy, they should receive none. And with genocide and subversion, well, that is worse than murder.

We will have Our Justice or we shall at least have the last laugh when this whole scheme of theirs blows up. Probably literally!