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great post. i shouldn't read it at work though, i'll end up smacking my boss(which would be fine if i didn't work in a library)!
liking the capitalist response: "hnnn, ussr! ussr! lenin was a monster!, marx was a hegelian!, ussr!"
that's your excuse for grinding millions of your fellow human beings into the dirt is it?

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why (in the name of god!) would a person having an atheist-based crisis of faith kill themselves? how does that work? "oh no. there's no god, no heaven, no hell, i know. i'll kill myself!"? the one thing that scared me about my own atheism was the very fact of the 'void' that death inevitably brings.

you can actually try death at home, kids, just ask a grow-up to batter you over the head with a blunt object. viola! all the experiences of death, with none of the permanence!

also, why can't xians get there heads round the idea of murder being wrong because it isn't very nice? why do you need a better reason than that?