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Hello Mark,

I'm sorry about the delay in getting back to your post.

I enjoyed our visit there in Borders. My sister was amazed that I was able to have such a spontaneous experience.

I am standing by and ready to work with you on investigating whether Costa Rica's southern pacific zone is right for you.

I look forward to working with you,


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Hello RCH,
The advent of licensing and an MLS all at the same time bodes very well for the real estate industry. We have made some serious strides towards cooperation between the agencies that has resulted in a number of shared commission deals. Seller's are getting representation, and buyers are seeing all that is appropriate for them in the zone. All good. Now we could just use a healthy economy. Can you help with that?

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It truly is one of the great Costa Rican mysteries.

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Richard, this is the first time that I've seen the phenomenon of replacement cost being higher than purchase price here on a house in Costa Rica. We just had a price reduction on a house that is the first I've seen of its kind in the zone:

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Hey CJ, thanks for the comment. Rod & I are getting together today to shoot our first video talk show, you know, the kind where we sit there with the camera on us and talk like a couple of anchormen. Should be a hoot, at the very least.

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Hey Glenn,

Thanks for the bump.

Things are finally moving again here in The Zone.  I don't know if we've dodged the bullet, but things are active at the moment.

For anyone wondering where this motivated seller's property can be viewed, click here.  This is a brand new, small business property that consists of a space for a restaurant and some rental cabins, right in the heart of Uvita. Great for re-locators that are looking for an income generating property.  


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Maybe it's like when Jerry Seinfeld said the the words "head" and "cheese" should never be seen in the same sentence.

Actually, Rod & I feel that if we're going to discuss such stimulating things as taxes, we'd best do a little jig at the same time or no one will ever read, listen, and then post comments.

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I'm a little new to the whole Facebook thing, but let's try this.

I've started a "Discussion" on our page there. I'll put up the pending questions, and will post answers as I find them. I will appreciate any help with this. The various Costa Rica real estate blogs are all lit up with this. We wouldn't be having nearly as much fun if they had written the law clearly.

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Hi Cassidy,
1) This is the big question. Apparently some law maker slipped the "includes the land" feature into the law late in the game, actually doing so unbeknown to some of the other law authors. However, in delving into it some more here is how I currently understand it. (Disclaimer: I reserve the right to make an about face reversal on this understanding). We pay tax on our property now at some assessed value that includes the value of the house if their is one. Now, add to that the material construction value of the house and pay a second tax if that evaluation exceeds 100,000,000 colones (roughly $175,000 USD at this moment). So I'm not sure how this new law includes the land as they say it does but I 'spect that clairification will come along at some point - or not.
2) There is a schedule of evaluation that I am deciphering now. It reads something like this: Tile Floor - X amount per meter. Tile Roof - X amount per meter etc... There is an annual depreciation there as well.
3) I don't know how they are going to enforce it, but there reportedly are some stiff fines for not filing. I think that you are spot on with your description of the method behind this law passing. There is some question about the constitutionality (Costa Rican) of taxing twice on the same property, so we may yet see some changes.

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Actually, I appreciate your question. I 'spect you were not alone and this helps to clarify things. :o)